Robinson Way

Lot 112 Robinson Way Yarrawonga

4 2 2  +  Alfresco

Our clients, Ron & Carol McNamara approached Hadar Homes to custom design and build an individually tailored home for them on a site that was located within the Silverwoods Estate in Yarrawonga. Ron and Carol had owner built a home in Melbourne a few years earlier and realised that the amount of effort it takes to build a home was more than they were going to be able to give for this build. They required a thorough and professional home builder that would listen to all their wants and needs and document them clearly and precise due to their inability to visit the site on a regular basis, given the distance to travel from Melbourne. The house was to act as a holiday home for them as a couple when only they were living there, but, then needed additional accommodate for their extended family as well.

It was extremely important to have a clear line of communication with Ron and Carol, due to them still living in Melbourne, like many of our clients, and therefore not being able visiting the site on a weekly basis. Our relationship had to rely on a lot of trust which was backed up via emailing and phone calls.

Ron and Carol had a unique site which basically has a double frontage. The standard street frontage that most homes have but also is viewed from the golf course that it backs onto and therefore had to be aesthetically appealing at the rear of the home.

The design had to cater for both Ron and Carol living in the home for reasonably long periods of time but also had to provide adequate accommodation for large groups of family and friends. It was agreed to design the home with a separate 2 bedroom wing with rooms large enough for queen size beds that could be closed off from the rest of the home and therefore only needed to be heated and cooled when in used. The 4th bedroom was designed to be closer to their master bedroom for the younger grandchildren when visiting. All bedrooms have WIR. A larger than standard garage was also a requirement for the storage of ski boats.

The site is orientated in a north-south direction with the views of the golf course and internal lake to the southern side of the home therefore it was important to the client to have the main living spaces facing this orientation, but also to make the most of the north eastern solar aspect to as many habitable rooms as possible. It was also important to create a service yard that was not viewed from the street frontage or golf course as well as an area for an in ground pool.

Ron and carol really liked and wanted a modern parapet façade but this is not allowed under the design guidelines. We were able to design the home with a skillion roof to the centre of the façade that falls back away from the front of the home and therefore creating a similar effect while still achieving the required Silverwoods approval. The additional height, a combination of materials, colors and a strategically placed wing wall helped distract your eye away from the garage and creates a great balance to the front of the home.

In addition to the clients brief above, they also needed a rear outdoor room that could be fully enclosed, but opened to use as an Alfresco when desired, heated and cooled all year round and double up as an art studio that they could gain inspiration from the views to the rear. This was achieved by utilizing large stacker sliding doors with flywire screens. This room also adds to the articulation of the rear of the home and appeal of the façade when viewed from the golf course.