A fantastic family home and available in a range of sizes the Caitlin ranges from 23 to 27 squares offering a solution to families of all sizes. At 23 squares the entry level Caitlin offers great family living with 4 bedrooms, a large open plan central living area with a generous kitchen and walk-in pantry. The Caitlin is most popular with families wanting a home where the master bedroom is separated from the other bedrooms and there is not a view from the front door into the centre of the home, providing an added degree of privacy for the living area.

Stepping up to the larger Caitlin 24 you can see immediately why this home is so popular with families with 2 or more children. The added rumpus room adjoining the 2nd to 4th bedrooms provides an ideal space for them to have their own living area, separate from the adults.

The Caitlin 27 takes it one step further and adds yet another living area which is suitable for use as a theatre room, rumpus room or whatever additional space your lifestyle requires.

The Caitlin series is an extremely versatile range of homes that suit families of all sizes and it's been carefully designed to make it a very efficient home to build providing exceptional value for you.